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Welcome to the IAU and BBC Aiming Higher Website!

The International Association of Universities (IAU) is very pleased to launch this website, which showcases the wonderful results of the IAU series on higher education, produced by BBC StoryWorks. Higher education is instrumental to the development of sustainable and democratic societies; shaping minds, promoting diversity, ethical leadership and social responsibility. In light of increasing global challenges, higher education institutions play a key role in addressing the societal transformations that lie ahead.

In the videos, institutions from around the world show how these important core values are being fostered and implemented. They also show to what extent higher education is central to prosperity, innovation and social change, thus contributing to creating fairer and more sustainable societies. The videos list many different, yet at the same time complementary, examples of how institutions are bringing to life work in the areas of internationalization, technology, leadership and sustainable development. These are not only in line with the strategic priorities of the International Association of Universities, but also at the forefront of transformations in higher education today.

Thirty-four IAU Member institutions from all five continents accepted the invitation to take part in this ambitious project. The videos that you will see on this website reaffirm the fundamental values of higher education and its role in transforming our societies for the better. IAU is delighted to see that the project represents a great diversity of voices from around the world and that it was built in such a way that it enabled a broad range of institutions to participate. The series will be launched at the IAU 2019 International Conference, hosted by BUAP, 13-15 November, in Puebla, Mexico.

We hope that, as well as being an exciting opportunity for you to discover the important initiatives of many IAU Member institutions, this series will show society at large how much higher education contributes to societal development and how, through such innovative approaches to challenges faced, it is able to shape the future we want for all to thrive.

Hilligje van’t Land, PhD
IAU Secretary General
Executive Director

About the IAU

The International Association of Universities (IAU) is a membership-led organisation with the purpose of advancing higher education and its important role in the development of our society. Founded in 1950 under the auspices of UNESCO, it is the leading global association of higher education institutions and organisations around the world, comprising more than 650 Members in some 130 countries. IAU serves as a global forum for leaders in higher education to reflect and rally around common priorities. It acts as the voice of higher education to UNESCO and other international higher education organizations. The Association caters to its Members but extends its services to organisations, institutions and authorities, as well as other stakeholders in the field of higher education, by offering various services such as networking events, research, trainings and advisory services.

IAU is an independent, non-governmental organization and official partner of UNESCO (Associate Status) and has consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council.

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